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"People make CHOICES.  Choices make HISTORY!" (Facing History and Ourselves)  Choose wisely!

History through Pop Culture

2014-2015 Welcome!

Greetings, and welcome to a new school year at Cranford High School! It was a pleasure to meet you today, and I hope that you will have a truly fantastic school year in my class(es).  

I would like all of my students, and parents to register as a member for this site! Membership has it's benefits just like the AMEX card! Membership to this site enables you to access some private tabs and enables you access to the On-Line Classroom which will be used for homework assignments and on-line forums.  Please note that membership is granted at my discretion.  Student identity will be fiercely protected at all times.  The content of this website is to be used purely for educational purposes.  

 Once you have completed your membership application, please feel free to explore! 

 Thank you,

Mrs. Savino Mulcahy (Sav)


This website is designed to help students to be successful in my courses at Cranford High School.  On this website you will find all guided note sheets, worksheets handed out in class, as well as video clips and other resources that would be beneficial for students.

For parents, this website is a great tool for you to see what your child is learning in class and familiarize yourself with the materials to be more helpful when needed.

I believe in fostering independence in teenagers and I feel that students should be empowered to be their own advocates.  Any students can contact me with questions via e-mail  or see me before or after school to discuss any issues that may concern them

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